About ISPE

About ISPE

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering is the world’s largest non-profit organization in the pharmaceutical industry. ISPE serves to share knowledge among our members, to advance the scientific, technical and regulatory status quo from discovery to production of a drug.

Since its foundation in 1980, the practical application of science and technology in an industrial environment, has been the focus of our work. In close cooperation and open exchange with regulatory authorities, we guide and accelerate the development of innovative processes and technical solutions, creating the production of tomorrow. ISPE’s guides and manuals are globally recognized.

As the largest non-profit in the pharmaceutical sector, we are also committed to inclusion and diversity.
ISPE actively promotes the exchange of women and men in the industry through the Women in Pharma Initiative. Women in Pharma is a global network with a diverse range of events and activities.
Furthermore, ISPE offers career starters a neutral and trustworthy network with the Emerging Leaders Community, which creates space for personal growth.

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Opinions from our experts

ISPE discusses the future of pharmaceutical production: from outsorcing, the production bottlenecks, the personnel requirements regarding Pharma 4.0

The future of pharmaceutical production

an interview with ISPE Europe Manager Dr. Thomas Zimmer, ISPE

The requirements for the production of pharmaceuticals are high. On the one hand, pharmaceutical companies have to comply with strict purity requirements. Secondly, they should document all processes in detail. The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is a non-profit organization with approximately 20,000 members worldwide that combines professional proximity to pharmaceutical manufacturing, production techniques and standards, and regulations. Thorsten Schüller spoke with Dr. Thomas Zimmer, Vice President of European Operations at ISPE, about current challenges in pharmaceutical production in the run-up to the ISPE Europe annual meeting, which was held in Frankfurt at the beginning of May.

We promote the dialogue between
Practitioners and managers

an interview with ISPE Europe Manager Dr. Thomas Zimmer, ISPE

The ISPE Europe Annual Conferences set the tone for more Europe in ISPE. Dr. Thomas Zimmer, ISPE’s European Manager, is pushing ISPE in Europe. In an interview with PharmaTEC, he explains why European authorities now have more say in ISPE, and how the conferences, as well as ISPE’s increased presence in Europe in general, will foster a new awareness of quality. ISPE Europe, supported by the community and collaboration of its members, will work for PHARMA 2025.

Mr. Moelgaard, how does the
pharmaceutical factory of the future?

an interview with ISPE Global Positioning Strategy Group Member Gert Moelgaard, NNE Pharmaplan

Experts from an ISPE working group are currently racking their brains about what the future of pharmaceutical production, PHARMA 2025, will look like. One of them is Gert Moelgaard, Strategic Development of NNE Pharmaplan. PharmaTEC talked to him about the factory of the future.