Women in Pharma

Women in Pharma® (WIP)

a new regional and supraregional initiative of ISPE D/A/CH

The pharmaceutical industry offers women a wide range of roles, from research and development to technical professions, in production, sales, engineering and various management functions.

ISPE supports women in the pharmaceutical industry through the Women in Pharma® initiative. The inclusive community provides a forum for professional education, networking and mentoring to help women of all levels develop their professional potential.

Women in Pharma® is a forum for networking and collaboration on technical and professional issues that needs the support of men and welcomes all.

Please note that Women in Pharma® is also an international initiative of ISPE. Since we share the goals and priorities one-to-one, you will find them below in English.

Our Mission

ISPE Women in Pharma® provides women in the pharmaceutical industry a forum for connecting and collaborating on technical and career advancement topics. Women in Pharma’s inclusive community leverages a network of mentors, role models, and resources across all levels to foster balanced professional success.

Our Priorities

Together we will pool our resources, open our homes and offices, and lean on each other to challenge, grow and develop women in the biopharmaceutical space. We will sit around co-mingled tables with men and women from multi-cultural backgrounds with varying degrees of experience and educations to discuss challenges within the workplace, how mentors can help drive our careers and much more. We will present technical topics on podiums, speak at round table discussions, and get creative in 2020.

We plan to start a Women in Pharma podcast series in second quarter and believe our volunteers and ISPE staff will drive change within the industry over the next year. We are always looking for volunteers to help reach our goals and grow our community of professionals seeking to evolve and design the future of leadership.

Our Goals are simple

Raise $25,000 for the ISPE Foundation to help professionals of all ages, cultures, and genders to embody the vision and spirit of ISPE with scholarships for educational events and travel grants.

2. develop and sustain 20 mentor circles globally in 2020 to help 400 women and men grow and develop in their career paths. We would like to discuss topics that create an environment for our members to make themselves vulnerable and break down barriers for the next level of professional and personal success.

Become a mentor/mentee?

We also want to start a Mentor Circle in the D/A/CH region, as the first in Europe.
Are you interested in becoming a part of it as a mentor / mentee?
Then please fill out this survey:

ISPE WIP D/A/CH Mentor Circle Survey
and contact us: wip@ispe-dach.org

The activities of the group

our offer

Locally changing discussion rounds with breakfast
Meetings and lectures on technical topics
Round table discussions on professional development
Social and networking activities
Mentoring offers.


how to reach us

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If you are part of the new ISPE D/A/CH group Women in Pharma® or if you are interested in further information about are interested, please contact us directly.