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Engineers work with, in and on projects. The project management of these sometimes very complex projects is of great importance, as the project team is responsible to its client for the deadlines, costs (effort) and results. Together with the external suppliers and service providers, this results in a complex structure.
In our workshops, we learn by sharing experiences. The group meets with interested parties at least once a year, usually at the beginning of the year, and deals with a main topic.

The topics of the last years

2006 How much contract do we need?
2007 Claim Management / Change Control
2008 All beginnings are difficult – initiating projects
2009 Risk Management and Controlling – Knowledge Management
2011 Project controlling for investment projects
2012 The project manager as crisis manager
2013 Communication – the lubricant for project success
2014 Project management without crunch! Client and project manager on the way to becoming a dream team
2015 Clearly agree project goals and user requirements
2016 Stakeholder Management
2017 Projects and their Steering Committees
2018 Project delivery methods – conventional or agile?
2019 Project delivery models – make it or leave it?
2019 Project management – in other cultures. The Culture Code.

We also think outside the box and discuss with experts from other industries (automotive, aviation, marine, food) incl. Sightseeings.
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Good Practice Guides Project Management

The ISPE Good Practice Guide: Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry provides good practice approaches which promote the successful integration of GxP with relevant project management activities to ensure that compliance risk is managed effectively and proactively.

The Guide discusses the tools and techniques supporting project delivery, the life cycle of a typical project in the pharmaceutical industry, and how compliance with pharmaceutical industry regulations is integrated with the project life cycle.

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The following checklist can be used by Project Managers in preparing and reviewing the project business case and feasibility. case and feasibility.

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Christine Eckardt

Senior Manager Engineering & Design,

Johnson & Johnson