Future Leaders' Day 2019

When was the last time you looked beyond the boundaries of your everyday business?

Last week, 50 Emerging Leaders and students from the D/A/CH region took the chance to expand their horizons through participation in the ISPE Future Leaders’ Day 2019 in Berlin.

In the headquarters of Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals, the two-day event brought together experienced leaders of the industry with curious and motivated leaders of the future, creating a unique opportunity for fruitful and mutually inspiring experience exchange. A hands-on PAT workshop, multiple site visits, a networking event, and six talks by industry experts followed by very lively Q&A offered a broad range of activities that catered for all tastes.

Starting on Thursday afternoon, the participants were offered three site visits:

The first site visit was jointly hosted by KORSCH AG and L.B. Bohle M+V GmbH at the production facilities of KORSCH in Berlin. Sebastian Eichler and Andreas Teske from the two partnering companies introduced technological advances in the process equipment for solid dosage forms, including an exclusive augmented reality tour; for the second option,
Sven Filler from Bayer AG gave us insights into project management of fully automated facilities for aseptic fill and finish. Participants could walk through the future facility in an augmented reality tour.
The third group had the chance to learn about the production and packaging processes of pharmaceutical products in the Bayer Supply Center Berlin.

After this exciting kick-off, the participants were assembled at the networking event in the 21st floor high above Berlin, where #ispe roof board members and the sponsors of the event joined to complete the day in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with food and drinks.

Starting with a welcome presentation by Zen-Zen Yen (Bayer AG) the main event was kicked off, followed by Chris Williams (Hoffman-La Roche) and Thiemo Huuk (Go Silico), addressing the topic of manufacturing process development in Biotech. After a coffee break, an introduction into Project Management was given by Michael Kaiser (B.Braun) with Matthias Kress (TechPivot GmbH) continuing with a focus on precision medicines.

Afterwards, Peter Brandstetter (PwC) touched upon the compliance problematic of the emerging technologies and Martin Hellmuth (B.Braun) concluded the day with an impressive talk about Commissioning & Qualification Processes. Vivid discussions accompanied every talk and a great Q&A session made it possible to address the arising questions.

An exciting and collaborative PAT workshop, led by Hubertus Rehbaum, complemented the event with a great hands-on experience.

United under the broad topic of ‘Technological Advances in Pharma Industry’, the ISPE D/A/CH YP Future Leaders’ Day 2019 made it possible for every attendee to have a look at the known topics from a different perspective and to be connected with like-minded people and industry peers.

We hope you enjoyed this happening as much as we did and hope to see you next year! With the warmest words of the gratitude to our sponsors, Korsch AG, L.B. Bohle, and GoSilico,

FLD2019 Orga Committee: Reinhard Benninghoven, Jan Demmer, Patrick Fabian, Maria Kozyrev, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Hubertus Rehbaum.