Rockwell Automation Visit 2019 Report

Rockwell Automation Visit 2019 Report

On November 13, 2019, the ISPE KIT Student Chapter was invited to Rockwell Automation in Karlsruhe-Durlach to participate in a technical lecture and workshop for one afternoon.

Harald Hermann (Strategic Account Manager) opened the program with his colleague Michael Warstat (Delivery & Operations) in a round of company introductions.
Rockwell Automation is a provider of automation and information solutions for industrial production with 23,000 employees worldwide.
In the course of digitalization, Rockwell Automation has specialized, among other things, in providing software for process mapping and control, but also for cybersecurity for pharmaceutical companies. In addition to Roche and Lonza, Pfizer is also one of Rockwell Automation’s largest customers at the Karlsruhe site.

In the further course of the presentation, the various work areas represented in Karlsruhe (Sales, Pre-Sales, Delivery, …) were examined in more detail. The Expert Speech was more of an open discussion between the speaker and us participants, in which all questions from the audience were answered and discussed. The answers were always described with illustrative examples from industry.

After a short break with refreshments, we were taken to the Rockwell Automation demo room. There was a presentation on cybersecurity and future trends in the industry.
In the field of drug development, personalized medicine represents one of the major trends. Rockwell Automation is working on optimization measures for this, which include, for example, the adequate design of batch reviews. In the course of digitization, it must be ensured that data integrity is maintained. Thus, the customer should be protected from misuse, for example, in batch reviews, for which solutions must be found and implemented.
There is also an increasing focus on modular equipment, where several smaller batches are connected in series for a large turnover (“numbering up”) instead of a normal scale-up of the existing process.
Another important point is also the plug-and-produce application of the devices used, in order to integrate systems more quickly into an existing process.
In future collaborations, the electrical and information technology aspects can be discussed in more detail if required.

Afterwards, we participants were shown the application areas of the software developed by Rockwell Automation using the example of a cookie factory designed by Rockwell Automation. In the subsequent networking session with staff, there was open discussion about application limitations and future possibilities.

Finally, an open project was presented in-house, which is specifically intended for computer science students. This involves internal optimization of the virtual machines used by Rockwell Automation.
This can be worked on under arrangement in the context of a voluntary or compulsory internship or a working student activity (also against payment).
Contact us, we will be happy to forward your requests!

Due to an absence due to illness, the Augmented Reality Workshop unfortunately had to be postponed to the next date.

With food and drinks together we let the evening end comfortably and are already looking forward to further cooperation with Rockwell.

Your Maximilian Ell