Workshop "Containment - 2025" at the new FHNW Campus in Muttenz

The ISPE D/A/CH Containment Community of Practice conducted the workshop "Containment - 2025" at the new FHNW Campus in Muttenz from the 13th to the 15th of May

Among the participants were experts from the industry, Emerging Leaders and, for free, more than 60 students from different universities.
Furthermore, students of the newly founded FHNW Student Chapter of the ISPE participated in the workshop.

As main organizers, Professor Berndt Joost and myself were responsible for the smooth execution of the workshop at the FHNW.

Since half of the participants have never come into contact with industry and containment before, the basics were taught on the first day of the event. The students were very interested and first connections with representatives from the industry were made. On the second day of the workshop, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland introduced itself and the participants were given insights into the various institutes of the FHNW. The participation and enthusiasm of the participants about modern technologies and instruments were the basis for exciting discussions.
Subsequently, a workshop on the handling of new substances in R&D was held at the FHNW’s Process Technology Center (PTC). The PTC is a pilot plant with state-of-the-art facilities in the fields of biotechnology, natural substances, chemical, (bio-) pharmaceutical and environmental technology. At the evening event, the Pantheon in Muttenz was visited, where the participants got an insight into the history of vintage cars.
On the last day of the event, the results of the workshop from the previous day were discussed. The involvement of numerous experts yielded in high quality discussions. The students and Emerging Leaders benefited greatly from this exchange of experience.

The event enabled the participants to expand their network. Students were able to generate contact with the industry especially regarding a master’s thesis in an industrial setup. This highlights the work and investments of ISPE D/A/CH Affiliate to support young generations. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland thanks ISPE for holding the event at FHNW and looks forward to further cooperation.

Muttenz Student Chapter Chair

Mustafa Gündüz

I had a great pleasure to give an overview of the YP Community in Europe and present the ongoing activities in the D/A/CH region

About half of the participants were new to the industry, and keen to understand how to successfully and smoothly transition from the university into the business environment.
I presented how different working groups – Events Planning; Marketing; Training and Mentoring – provide an excellent space for Emerging Leaders to sharpen their soft skills regardless of the university background and collaborate with peers on projects across different industry-relevant topics. There was an overall high interest from students, which proved the need to focus on student groups and formalize the activities for them to make it accessible to join while still studying. Some questions were related on collaborations with the pharmaceutical companies on projects as part of the Master’s thesis, as well as possibilities and criteria for participation in workshops and the annual Hackathon.
This event hopefully gave good ideas to the newcomers how to jump-start the career, and displayed once again how much D/A/CH Affiliate invests into actively developing the young generations. Thank you to the organizers for this opportunity and for bringing in so many new faces!

ISPE Europe YP Chair

Martina Lauš