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CoP Project Management meets Emerging Leaders @ Roche

On September 27, 2023, the “CoP Project Management meets Emerging Leaders” event was held at Roche. This special event provided an opportunity to share experiences, gain new knowledge and network intensively. In addition, the link between CoP Project Management and Emerging Leaders was further strengthened.

The event was held in the state-of-the-art facilities of the Innovation Hub in Roche Tower 2. Special thanks go to Volker Storn and Monique Kruithofen from Roche. The guests not only benefited from exciting workshops and presentations, but were also treated to exquisite catering provided by Roche.

The event was opened by Christine Eckardt, Chair of CoP Project Management. Inspiring presentations and workshops followed from industry experts such as Volker Storn, Pascal Ettenhuber, Nicole Lartey, Sonja Storf, David Ciupke, Jennifer Lechner, Dr. Andreas Koop, Alberto Reinders, Gregor Dudziak and Daniel Fritsche. Their presentations provided valuable insights and showed different approaches to project management, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

The ISPE D/A/CH event at Roche was not only a platform for intensive learning and networking, but also underlined the mission of ISPE. In view of the positive response to the event, we are optimistic about the future and look forward to further events and workshops.

Our thanks go to all participants, especially to the organization team around Rebecca Roscher, Carsten Jasper, Svenja Meyer and Vanessa Zwinger. It was a day that those present will certainly not soon forget.