Election results 2022

ISPE D/A/CH would like to thank all members who participated in the election for their trust.

A letter from the chairman

Dear Members,

On behalf of ISPE, I would like to thank you for your trust and participation in this year’s Board elections.

We are pleased about the consistently high participation rate in our election, which is comparable to the international level, as well as to previous years.

The Board was approved with 98.3%. The new Board of Directors and the new Advisory Board were confirmed with almost 90% of the votes.

As the chairman of ISPE D/A/CH, I would like to thank the long-standing Advisory Board members who will retire from the Advisory Board in 2022. These are Dr. Michael Atzor, CoP Project Management, Thomas Waldleben, Finance Advisor and Josef Kriegl, Workshop Coordinator. We welcome Christine Eckardt as successor for the CoP Project Management.

The Advisory Board also welcomes SIG Biotech, represented by Dr. Michelangelo Canzoneri, and Women in Pharma, represented by Tamara Spies, as new functions.

With a slow but steady return to the offices, our face-to-face workshops are also picking up with full speed. We remain true to our goal of providing you with valuable technical discussions, knowledge exchange among experts and valuable networking. With the new functions on the Advisory Board, we are further expanding our focus on future topics such as Pharma 4.0, ATMPs and Aseptic Manufacturing and Robotics.

Your Gunter Baumgartner

News from the Emerging Leaders and Students

Dear Members,

the Emerging Leaders and Students* have a packed program ready for the second half of 2022.

In September, the online seminar series on the topic of cell and gene therapy will be launched. The four-part series will provide information on the medical potential, manufacturing processes and the necessary equipment, as well as regulatory requirements, and stimulate exciting discussion.

On October 13-14, the Future Leaders’ Days will be held in person in Frankfurt for the first time since 2019. The program is aimed primarily at emerging leaders and addresses the topics of personal and professional development, management techniques and digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry.

To close out the year, another edition of the Emerging Leaders Hackathon series is also scheduled to take place in December in conjunction with the ISPE Pharma 4.0 & Annex 1 Conference in Vienna. The team is working at full speed and will announce more information soon.

If you would like to stay updated and receive more information about the Emerging Leaders events, sign up for the newsletter here to.

3 New members of the Advisory Board

Tamara Spies

Women in Pharma

Prof. Dr. Michelangelo Canzoneri

SIG Biotech

Christine Eckardt

CoP Project Management