The Containment Handbook – a bestseller

The ISPE D/A/CH CoP Containment was founded in 2008 during a workshop on the topic of highly active substances. The foundation quickly led to an active exchange of many experts in the field of highly active substances. Since its inception, our active members have organized at least one workshop on containment every year, as they did this year.

This year’s workshop “Containment – 2025” – Process Integrated Containment with site visits at Vetter and Waldner Process Systems will take place on 25. and 26 October takes place. The new Containment Handbook ( 2nd edition) will also be presented at the workshop. Each participant will receive the new Containment Manual upon attending the workshop.

The Containment Handbook is another initiative of the ISPE DACH CoP Containment. In 2015 the first edition was published and already two years later the English translation appeared.

Innovations in the GMP environment due to the EMA publication on Health Exposure Limits, led to a revision of the manual, which was published as a second edition in May 2021. More than 1300 books of the first edition (German-English) and the second edition have been sold. As a result, the Containment Handbook is one of ISPE’s best-selling publications and finds its application in the design of facilities for the production of highly active substances worldwide.

An ISPE-DACH success story.

Profilbild Robin Schiemer